Fertility Awareness First is a fertility awareness and natural family planning education initiative devoted to providing comprehensive reproductive health education to menstruating women.

Fertility Awareness First believes in informed choice and maintains that health decisions should be made after learning about and considering all options and information available.

Through educational courses and cycle chart coaching, Fertility Awareness First seeks to equip and empower every woman to become the leading advocate for her reproductive health and an informed participant in her healthcare decisions.

Who We Teach

Women (18+)

Fertility Awareness courses developed for adult women address content from the perspective of a woman who has been experiencing her menstrual cycle for several years.

Equipped and empowered to observe, chart, and interpret her menstrual cycle data to monitor health and identify fertile and infertile patterns, she will come away with the knowledge and skills to become an informed participant in her lifestyle choices and healthcare decisions utilizing a sympto-hormonal fertility awareness method.

The woman learning fertility awareness for Natural Family Planning will learn all of the information and skills listed above as well as how to naturally manage fertility.

Young Women (12-17 yrs)

The teenFEMM series is developed for the young woman who wants to increase her body literacy, start her reproductive years with a focus on maintaining the highest standards of personal and reproductive health from puberty through menopause, and set herself on a path to becoming the leading advocate for her reproductive health.


What We Offer

Fertility Education & Medical Management

FEMM is committed to women’s health and education.

Fertility Education and Medical Management (FEMM) recognizes that ovulation is a sign of health, and empowers women to be agents in the management and care of their overall reproductive health and well-being.

Empowering women to understand the critical role of hormones in the management of their health is at the heart of FEMM's mission.

This 35-minute FEMM Introduction focuses on sharing how how FEMM can help you achieve your health and fertility goals.

Ready to learn about the FEMM protocol and how it can help you to become the leading advocate for your reproductive health?

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Young Women Charting for Health: teenFEMM

The health class she wants combined with the healthcare she deserves.

In 6 sessions, this program details the hormonal activities that occur throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle, so that she can observe and understand the signs of her hormonal fluctuations and begin to understand how hormone sufficiency impacts health and well-being.

To make informed, empowered decisions about her health, a young woman needs to understand how her body works.

The knowledge gained through teenFEMM will also allow a young woman, her family, and her doctors to work as a team to identify underlying health concerns and treat them as soon as possible, if necessary.

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Special Projects

Help every woman become the leading advocate for her reproductive health.

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Fertility Awareness Fundamentals

free introduction to fertility awareness

Learn what Fertility Awareness is about in a simple + concise way!

This free mini-course will guide you through the basics of Fertility Awareness, which is the essential foundation to using fertility awareness practices to monitor health and for family planning.

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